• Energy Tube Technology

    Technology that defies conventional energy generation techniques

    Energy tube technology converts kinetic energy into electrical energy from linear motion.


    •  No requirement of rotary motion to generate electricity:
      • Eliminates mechanical gear train.
      • Reduced mechanical and thermal losses.
      • Reduced number of parts and manufacturing.
    • High energy yield and efficiency.
    • Low cost system.


    Suspension Energy Recovery Systems (SERS)

    Improves overall vehicle efficiency by harnessing kinetic energy from suspension motion and converting it into electrical energy, which can be:

    Stored in battery for re-use:

    • Reduces battery size, cost & weight

    Utilized to run in vehicle systems:

    • Improves range & performance

    Improves ride comfort and performance by electronic damping control. 

    Wind power

    Improved wind to electrical energy conversion with energy tube technology:

    • Doesn't require turbine blades.

    • Reduced associated parts and manufacturing; required in case of rotary motion conversion.

    • Reduced mechanical transmission losses.

    • Reduced cost of establishment.